The New South Hills Honda AdvantEDGE Program

South Hills Honda AdvantEDGE

Frequently Asked Benefit Questions

Q. What is The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE?
A. It’s an exclusive combination of FREE benefits intended to set South Hills Honda apart by rewarding you for your patronage and loyalty.
Q. Can you tell me everything that’s included in The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE?
A. Sure… FREE Price Protection Guarantee; FREE 3-Day/300 Mile Exchange Policy; FREE ODOCLUB Membership; FREE Lifetime State Inspections; FREE Car Washes; FREE Alignment Check; FREE 5th Oil Change; FREE Shuttle and FREE Courtesy Loaner Vehicles! Please see your sales consultant for complete details.
Q. Is there an enrollment fee for The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE?
A. Nope!
Q. What are the eligibility requirements for The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE?
A. It’s very easy… ALL New and Pre-Owned vehicles leased or purchased at South Hills Honda are eligible, except our as-is “Bargain Batch” vehicles. Please see your sales consultant for complete details.
Q. What must I do to receive all of The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE benefits?
A. Nothing but lease or purchase your vehicles from us. ALL benefits are ONLY available at South Hills Honda.
Q. Can any portion of The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE be transferred?
A. No, I am sorry. All benefits are only available to the original owner for as long as you own your vehicle.
Q. How long do The NEW South Hills AdvantEDGE benefits apply?
A. The benefits are available for as long as you own your vehicle (regardless of age or mileage.)
Q. Will it cost more to have my vehicle serviced at your dealership?
A. No. Our rates are almost always less than other Honda dealerships and Independent repair shops because we regularly mystery shop our competition. Also, our electronic multi-point inspection with computerized service records will also increase your vehicle’s resale value.
Q. Tell me about your FREE Price Protection Guarantee?
A. If you purchase a New vehicle from South Hills Honda and find the same exact unit at one of our in-market competitors for less within three calendar days, we will pay you the difference or buy your vehicle back (at our discretion*). It also states that if you find the same exact Pre-Owned vehicle within three calendar days (year, make, model, Honda Certified or non-Certified) with an odometer range of 5,000 miles at another dealership within a 150-mile radius in Pennsylvania, we will match any documented deal on an in-stock unit* AND include the SHA at no extra charge.
Q. What is your FREE 3-Day/300 Mile Exchange Policy?
A. For select Pre-Owned vehicles, South Hills Honda offers a 3-Day (calendar days) or 300 Mile Exchange Policy (for any reason), whichever occurs first. Select vehicles are normally defined as, but not limited to, those 7-years old or newer and or having less than 100,000 miles.
Q. Do your Pre-Owned vehicles come with a warranty?
A. Yes. If they are Certified Hondas they have a 12-month/12,000 limited comprehensive warranty that starts from your purchase date and a 7-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty from the vehicle’s original delivery date. Also, ANY vehicle that sells for at least $8,000 and has under 100,000 miles will come with a 6-month/6,000 mile limited comprehensive South Hills Honda warranty (excludes Bargain Batch vehicles.) All other Pre-Owned vehicle warranties (if any) will be at Management’s discretion. Our vehicles are extremely well reconditioned because we do not want you to have any reservations about purchasing a South Hills Honda vehicle.
Q. What is your FREE ODOCLUB Membership?
A. It is the first ever personal road miles reward program for sales and service. It pays you to drive.
Q. How much did you say ODOCLUB costs?
A. Zero, Nada, Zilch… It’s FREE and exclusively offered at South Hills Honda! We are proud to say that we are the ONLY dealer (of any make) in the greater Pittsburgh area that offers it.
Q. How does ODOCLUB work?
A. Join the club, drive anywhere, update your miles and redeem anytime.
Q. How do I join ODOCLUB?
A. Right here, right now! You must have a car, email address and Internet access to
Q. What’s the catch with ODOCLUB?
A. There isn’t one. All you have to do is have a vehicle (of any make or model), join the club, be an active member and update your miles online once a month. That’s it!
Q. Who is eligible for the FREE Lifetime PA State Inspections?
A. You and your immediate family members only (i.e. children, siblings living at your address, mother, mother in law, father, father in law, grandparents and grandparents in law.)
Q. What vehicles are eligible for your FREE Lifetime PA State Inspections?
A. Any New or Pre-Owned vehicle leased or purchased from South Hills Honda.
Q. Does the FREE Lifetime PA State Inspections include Emissions?
A. No, I’m sorry.
Q. If I no longer own my vehicle, are my family members still eligible for the FREE Lifetime PA State Inspections?
A. No, I’m sorry.
Q. How do my family members receive their FREE Lifetime PA State Inspection? Benefits?
A. It’s simple. Please have them present a copy of YOUR current vehicle registration at the time of service. You must still own the vehicle for them to receive this benefit.
Q. Is it true that you guys now have a new Car Wash… and all the washes are FREE?
A. You bet! We will wash your car EVERYTIME it’s in for service! Finally, we are very proud to say that this new, beautiful, state of the art system actually collects filtered rain water to do it. How’s that for environmentally cool!!
Q. Will you wash my car even if it’s only in for minor service?
A. Absolutely… For ANY service whatsoever!
Q. Will you clean the inside and do my windows?
A. Sorry my friend. Because of our volume we will only have time to wash and dry the exterior.
Q. Can you please explain how your FREE Alignment Check works?
A. No problem. We will strive to check your vehicle’s alignment whenever you are in for service. If it’s out of specification we will provide you a report and then let decide when to have the alignment performed.
Q. Please tell me about your FREE 5th Oil Change?
A. Our pleasure. We will provide you with a key fob that we will punch for every oil change performed at SHH. You pay for four and the 5th one will be absolutely FREE.
Q. There really is no charge for your Shuttle service?
A. Correct! The service is FREE and we will gladly take you anywhere within a 20-minute ride of the dealership. Our shuttle is available from 7:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday.
Q. I heard that you also have FREE Courtesy Loaner Vehicles?
A. Yes we do!! They are available by appointment on a first come, first served basis for any extended period repair.

Thank you very much for your business!

South Hills Honda

* In order to be eligible for our Price Protection Guarantee you must present a signed, written offer (or fully documented deal) from another in-market Honda dealership that includes all conditions of the sale (e.g. trade value, financing terms, leasing terms, etc.) Offer subject to change. All rights reserved. See dealer for more details.



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